**Enterprise Development Support Services ** Pavilion assists Enterprise Development Providers (EDP) to be able to monitor the development and growth of their beneficiaries through our APP. The APP enables the EDPs to monitor in real time the transactions happening in the business, including ability to view the financial and overall business performance. The APP is customizable depending on the nature of the enterprise and the needs of the EDP to ensure that tailor-made enterprise support and solutions are offered to the entrepreneur and their business. This enhanced involvement increases the chances of the business’ survival, sustainability and growth in the long term. These services are available for both public and private entities.

Financing Institutions Support Services

Pavilion also offers similar services to financing institutions and private equity holders who are looking to monitor their investments in SMMEs. Historically, several financiers lost millions of Rands in their investment due to inability to track the existence and performance of the enterprises they are invested in. Our solution closes this gap, and it empowers financiers to provide timely support and guidance to the businesses. Thus, reducing risks of defaulting and losses.

Our APP has the following capabilities:

  • Financial Performance Dashboard – which shows the financial performance of the business in real time. Including volumes of transactions recorded.
  • Through this FPD, growth or decline of the business can be identified and support dispatched to intervene or understand the challenges at hand
  • Depending on the financial performance, businesses can be able to access further funding or cash advances on the APP
  • Ability to map out multiple businesses onto a local and regional map views
  • Our data is securely stored in a cloud database and it is accessible through multiple platforms.